Marta Bortoli


Broadwater Faces

Broadwater faces is an ongoing year long project about the residents of Broadwater Farm.
Broadwater Farm is infamous for the murderous riots that took place there in the 1980s, and for being the birthplace of Mark Duggan, whose death sparked the riots of 2011.
However, nowadays the area is also one of the most diverse places in the UK and there are people from more than 100 nationalities who menage to peacefully live together.
My project was chosen by Broadwater Farm residents in July 2018 and its founded by the local council. It aims at portraiting people from different nationalities which are living in the estate under a positive light. The project will be concluded by June 2019 and an exposition will be done in July 2018 at the Lordship Hub in Tottenahm Hale.